Commission rules


* Commissions are currently: OPEN (2/2)

* This Artist is an Ecchi/Hentai artist. He only creates artwork that is meant for 18+.



* Contact OhayouAnime on one of his socials to discuss the possibility of ordering a commission. U can also contact him on conventions that he is attending. (see

Twitter: @ohayou_anime (



* The consumer has the right to request 2 revisions during the commission. If the consumer wishes for more revisions, he can do so by adding it to the order (see add ons)


* OhayouAnime has the right to reject any commission he does not want to do.


* Each character is priced individually (Multiple characters in 1 piece)

* Artwork created through commissions can be sold on conventions unless the consumer orders a one of a kind piece. (see commissions packages below)


* The consumer will be asked to pay half of the order upfront as warranty. The remaining half of the commission cost will be paid when the order is complete. The artist will claim half of the paid warranty as a fine if the consumer cancels his/her order, the other half will be paid back to the consumer by the artist.


* Commissions are paid through Website, Paypal or Bank transfer. The commission starts if the warranty has been received. All files will be sent to the consumer if the order has been paid completely.


* Once the consumer has received his order, he/she can not ask for a refund.


* The artist is not held accountable for any damaged orders going through delivery phase. Photos will be made and send to the consumer when the artist hands it over to the post office.


I will not take a commission that contains:

- Furries/Animals (Animal ears/tails are ok. example: bunny girl)

- Excessive blood/gore

- Mechs (or anything of similar nature)

- Excessive Yaoi (example: kissing = OK penetration = NOT OK)









PNG file




Lineart: €15

Colored: €30



Lineart: €25

Colored: €50


Full body


Lineart: €35

Colored: €60


Poster (PNG incl)


A4: PNG prices + €10

A3: PNG prices + €20

A2: PNG prices + €30


Dakimakura coming soon!


Add ons

Framed poster €15

Extra revisions €5 (2 free in each package)

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