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We have seen many versions of Rem and Ram since the release of the hit series Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, from Bunny versions to Nendoroids. It’s no surprise that the second season has been announced recently and therefore we will review the Summer Wonder Festival Nendoroid #942 Rem and Ram Childhood version.

Front side

The first thing i noticed when i held the box was the box itself. Let me explain, the box itself looks just like your regular Nendoroid box and yet this is not your regular Nendoroid box. This might actually be a one of a kind style of box. The box is fixed together, meaning that you won’t find either Rem or Ram separately. It’s quite unique. You can fold the box and hold it together with a strip that is fixed on each side of the box. Pretty neat. The print inside of the box shows a lotus. The lotus is the symbol of their family, if i’m not mistaking. The poses are displayed on the sides of the box just like the traditional Nendoroid boxes. The backside of the box is a bit different displayed and looks pleasing to the eye. In other words, this box can easily be displayed in your collection.

Folded side view

The Nendoroids self comes with 2 face plates each. They both come with a standard smiling expression, while Rem comes with an extra downcast looking expression and Ram with a more serious looking expression. I noticed that the extra faceplates come with an extra hair piece, at first i thought it was for the horn that is included in the box as well. Maybe it was magnetic? After closer inspection i noticed that the extra hair pieces didn’t have the lotus and weren’t magnetic, the horn itself is attached through a double-sided tape and is a bit of a let down since double-sided tape wears off pretty quickly.

The fun part with the face plates is that you can use them on your previous released Rem and Ram Nendorids aswell. The next thing i noticed is that Rem comes with 4 extra arm pieces (2 slightly bent and 2 straight), while Ram only has 2 extra (slightly bent). The part where they hold hands is then included in the box of Ram. They each have a basket with fruits and plants as an optional part to display them collecting ingredients. This is actually an important part since it was shown in the series and is part of a big emotional time in their youth. They are also displayed in their traditional yukata like clothing making them even cuter to look at.

Nendoroid with optional parts


The thing that makes this Nendoroid so special is that u can’t find them separately and that the box is a one of a kind. The box can easily be displayed in your collection. The price of this Nendoroid will definitely skyrocket and become a valuable collectable and this is by far a must have in your collection if you are a fan of the series.

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